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As a bespoke milliner I see a lot of different ladies and their outfits and as a result I have become quite well versed in what looks the great for big occasions. So I thought it was time to share some tips with you from my experience.

Some ladies are looking for a statement headpiece to compliment a simple dress, while others are looking for more modest headwear because their dress is very bold.

1. Don't be tempted to use too many colours

If your dress is highly patterned try not to induce any colours that aren't already in the dress and try to limit the number of colours used for your accessories.

If you want to include additional colours from your dress make sure its done lightly as shown in the above picture. This navy blue hat compliments the dress beautifully while the feathers add additional detail to tie the outfit together.

2. Tone it down

If your dress is very bright don't be afraid to tone it down by accessorising with one colour.

Teaming this vivid dress with nude shoes and an all cream hat has created a really stylish look which could easily have become "too much" if the accessories were also bright.

3. One Colour

Sometimes sticking to one colour can really help to make a statement of your outfit. If your dress is a single block colour its looks great if you can accessories in the same matching shade.

If you are not able to do this try to match your hat, shoes and bag in one colour that compliments your dress. This works especially well if you are wearing a pale dress.

Always try to match your shoes, bag and headwear as this creates a look of completeness and unity throughout the outfit. If you want to make your hat a different colour from your shoes and bag I would recommend sticking to a classic colour like nude, black or navy. This goes back to point number one about not including too many colours.

4. Experiment with shape

Having read all of the information above about not including too many colours you might be thinking that these will be very boring hats, however this is where shape and style come into it. At Hiorns Hats I make bespoke headpieces designed to stand out from the crowd. If you want something statement without adding too many colours you should consider experimenting with the shape and style of your headwear.

5. Have fun

Its important that you feel confident and beautiful in your outfit. When we feel great we stand differently which instantly makes us look taller and more elegant. We live in an age where hats are only worn for the most special of occasions so its vital that you have fun when thinking about your outfit and getting ready for the day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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